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UPS On Hire
Pioneers of UPS Rental in Delhi, NCR
High Value & Branded UPS available - Unlimited Stock
Quality Products offered with Quality Service.
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UPS On Hire

About US - (APC) UPS on Hire & Rent

Power failures and erratic power supply in Delhi & NCR gave birth to Anamika Power Corporation (APC) way back in 1998. The company identified the needs of the Power Problems faced by Delhi & NCR market & came up with an innovative idea of offering the total solution on rental basis. APC does not just provide UPS on rent it gives you a practical solution to your day to day power problems.

APC has established itself as the Leader in the hire & rental market in the IT industry, providing UPSs on lease in the North Indian region including Delhi & NCR.

APC care services, saves you from power disruptions and provide a smooth flow of work with the complete and dedicated range of uninterrupted power supply systems available in unlimited capacity on Hire or Rent for any period you want. Now you can easily evade the problem like disruption in work of an organization, colossal loss of data and much more.

The company is closely associated with some of the primary brands such as, HCL, Sony, LIC, Hutch, HP, IIHT, Aptech, NIIT, AajTak, NDTV, Star News, software development centers, corporate establishments, FMCGs, auto industry and MNC firms
UPS On Hire
Give your power problems to us and we will give you the power to work! Our mission is to provide you with impeccable products that offer continuous power supply and a reliable stream of service.

UPS On Hire
We strongly believe in the essence of time and feel it is essential to flow with the tide. By providing undisrupted power supply, we aim to harness your work productivity without loss of time.

UPS On Hire

The company does not compromise on quality standards and hence only provides in High Value Branded UPS units on Hire or Rent to all our valued customers in Delhi NCR.

Customers are treated as King at APC. Services we offer carry high-quality products with a stamp of reliability, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and robust mechanism of operation.

Online UPS is one of the biggest & mandatory capital investments needed for setting up any Data centers, High value medical equipments at Hospitals or many other needs at corporate houses. The offer from APC not just saves your capital investments, but also gives you total freedom from all regular hassles of maintenance too. No need to bother for the batteries getting bad or warranty getting expired just enjoy the services from APC and forget the Power problems.

In this fast-paced and volatile economy, when everyone is speaking & thinking of cost savings, APC understands the gravity of this situation and has taken the endeavor to offer a comprehensive solution to give online UPS on rent to resolve your power problems.

Today, if you are a serious Business in Delhi & NCR, you just cannot do without an Online UPS offered by APC on rent or hire.
UPS On Hire UPS On Hire

UPS on Rent
UPS on Rent
UPS on Rent
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